Gettin' Some Pub

     Well, it's been a while!  I don't claim to be a great blogger, but I get around to it occasionally.  Here's the occasion today- we've had two recent publications!  Time to toot my own horn... "TOOT!"  Check it out:

#1) One of our photos was selected last week for Photo Friday over on Weddings in Arkansas's Blog.
     We're photo number 1:
     #2)  AND big news.... We were published in our very first magazine- Arkansas Bride!  woop-woop!  Now.... it is only a picture of some mason jars, but we celebrate the little things around here- HA!  Baby steps.  I think this mag. has been out for a little while, but I've been a little off the radar due to maternity leave, so it's new news to me.  I'm going out to purchase the magazine for fun today.  :)  

You can check out the digital edition of their magazine here.
Here's the page we're on:
 #5 Sip Creatively.  That's right.  Holla if you need your mason jars photoed.  We're all over it.  This pic is from Paul & Krista's Wedding last summer.

Thank you so  much Weddings in Arkansas and Arkansas Bride!

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