3 Carters | Family

Hey There!  I've been taking a lot of photos lately, but haven't posted many if any of them to social media.  I thought I'd give the blog a try again to keep a more "recent portfolio" flow going.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the Carter family.  Stephen and Melissa make up the team of Two Carters Photography  We swapped family photos, and I'm so happy we did.  Here they are- 3 Carters!


Neal & Michaela | Bride and Groom Portraits

     I wanted to break the blog fast and upload a few of my favorites real quick from Neal and Michaela's wedding.  I know they are dying to get a glimpse!  Gorgeous couple.  Let the photos speak for themselves:
 Congratulations you two!!!  So happy for you guys!


Gettin' Some Pub

     Well, it's been a while!  I don't claim to be a great blogger, but I get around to it occasionally.  Here's the occasion today- we've had two recent publications!  Time to toot my own horn... "TOOT!"  Check it out:

#1) One of our photos was selected last week for Photo Friday over on Weddings in Arkansas's Blog.
     We're photo number 1:
     #2)  AND big news.... We were published in our very first magazine- Arkansas Bride!  woop-woop!  Now.... it is only a picture of some mason jars, but we celebrate the little things around here- HA!  Baby steps.  I think this mag. has been out for a little while, but I've been a little off the radar due to maternity leave, so it's new news to me.  I'm going out to purchase the magazine for fun today.  :)  

You can check out the digital edition of their magazine here.
Here's the page we're on:
 #5 Sip Creatively.  That's right.  Holla if you need your mason jars photoed.  We're all over it.  This pic is from Paul & Krista's Wedding last summer.

Thank you so  much Weddings in Arkansas and Arkansas Bride!


Featured | The Wedding Post

There's a new wedding blog in town!!!  Get excited!  Arkansas now has it's very own wedding blog- SO FUN! I can't wait to see all of the new ideas and lovely photos that are going to appear on here!  We are honored to have one of our photos from Ben & Jen's Wedding featured on The Wedding Post.  If you haven't already, go check out Arkansas's newest wedding blog!


A little behind the scenes action...

I thought this would be fun to share.  Corey showed me a couple of pictures that he took with his phone of me in action during yesterday's photoshoot.  HA!  I am always amused at what I look like behind the camera.  I kind of forget that you can even see me.  (that's silly- of course you can!)  Here are 2 shots of me and then the final photo is the one I captured while sitting in this position.  : )

notice the make-shift tripod...  (this lens is kinda heavy!)

and here is the resulting photo:  (so romantic!)


1,000 Fans!!!!!!

WOW!!! OH! WOW!!!!  Now here is something that I couldn't imagine happening when I first created my facebook page in January of 2010.  Callie Granderson Photography on facebook now has 1,000 people who "Like" or follow the page!  I am so excited and pumped!  I feel very blessed.  Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans who support me!  Corey and I said that the day our page strikes 1,000 "likes" that we'd go out celebrate.  So we did!  Last night we celebrated at Thai Diner in Fayetteville..... love us some sushi!!!  Thanks again!

Featured | Weddings in Arkansas

Weddings in Arkansas featured another one of our photos on their facebook page yesterday!  We were thrilled that they chose a photo from Ryan & Lydia Patton's wedding at Pratt Place Inn and Barn.  This cake is a creation by one of Lydia's sister's Laine Blanchard.  Isn't she talented??!  Cake decorating is always something that has really amused me.  If I had all the time in the world I would dabble in it as well. Thank you Weddings in Arkansas for featuring our photo!!!